I am fascinated by Impressionism. And Claud Monet is the one that holds my attention through and through. I went on a road trip to France, chasing all the places where impressionists lived and worked. It was September, so I got a chance to see Monets garden in autumn. Later, while doing research on Monets work, I realised that he never painted his pond in autumn. So to live through the experience of doing impressionistic work, I painted Claud Monets garden in autumn.


The painting in the middle with bright orange and yellow reflections in water are the colours of trees in autumn. Each stroke is chaotic on its own a bit vagabondish -if that is a word. But put together, all these strokes make a whole picture which was a delight to paint.


The two lily pads are an extension of the same study. The very first painting of this series is owned by a family in Los Angeles, who later gave me a commission to do a vase with roses. The collector met me in Chicago to collect the vase once completed.