Fine Art Paintings and Drawings

I am a Cheshire, England based artist represented by Saatchi and Paul Smith, London. I started my art career as cartoonist/illustrator 25 years ago. Now I mainly paint:

-          Impressionistic landscapes and seascapes

-          Charcoal/ink drawings of a variety of animals (focusing mainly on bulls, bison, ravens and stags)

-          Expressionist and geometric abstracts


I have a biased passion for nature and animals. Reflections of water in nature interests me, and I excel at that. Many of my paintings were inspired by walks through the country and holidays to the coast in the South West of England and North Wales. Vincent Van Gogh is my favourite artist. He had such a strong conviction and passion for his art, and I respect that.


I went on an art pilgrimage through the South of France and Giverny where I explored the lives and inspiration of art legends like Picasso, Renoir, Matisse, Van Gogh and Claude Monet. Impressionists and post-impressionists have significantly influenced my work. Out of British painters, Lucian Freud, Tracey Emin and David Hockney interest me.


My favourite medium is acrylic on canvas and ink on paper. My choice of work is mainly impressionistic landscapes and seascapes, however my interests are varied and I paint what I’m drawn to at the time. I have a series on bulls and bison that I’m very passionate about. I aim to paint the essence of the subject that I am painting. I work at a very fast pace. I engage with the surface I paint on intensely, with short bursts of energy and I paint until I’m exhausted. By nature, I am a very intense, compassionate person. I love life and live it. I believe life should be lived in a way where it becomes a story worth listening to.


I sell my artworks at a private gallery in Cheshire, through Saatchi and Paul Smith, through online retailers and at exhibitions in the UK, America and India. I have artworks in different corporate and individual collections in Spain, England and United States. I also take commissions from art collectors, examples of which can be seen on my website. All enquiries are welcome. All my original artworks are also available as a limited edition print, which can be supplied with or without a frame.


I have exhibited at:
(27th Jan - 3 Feb 19) Roots and Rifts at Espacio gallery in Shoreditch, London 
(1st - 3rd March 19) Talented Art Fair in London  
(28th - 31st March 19) The Other Art Fair in LA   
(10th - 12th May 19) Contemporary Art Fair Newbury
(16th - 19th May 19) The Other Art Fair Chicago
(5th - 8th Sep 19) The Other Art Fair in Santa Monica, California
(11th - 13th Oct 19) Manchester Art Fair 
(8th - 10th Nov 19) Contemporary Art Fair at Windsor
(15th - 17th Nov 19) Chester Art Fair
(14th Jan 20) Nine Fish Gallery in Mumbai, India