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Shabs Beigh is a Cheshire (England) based artist who started his art career as a cartoonist/illustrator 25 years ago. He mainly paints expressionist abstracts, impressionistic landscapes and charcoal drawings of bulls and other animals like bison's and horses. He has been painting for over thirty years.


His works include mainly fine art paintings and drawings of animals. His all-time favourite artists are Van Gogh and Claud Monet. His artworks are in different corporate and individual collections in India, England and United States. He offers limited edition signed prints of his paintings. His work is contemporary and modern. Impressionists and post impressionists have significantly influenced his work. His paintings mainly focus on nature, landscapes, animals and birds. He has done a lot of paintings with reflections of nature in water or seascapes. Painting water seems to be a pattern. A lot of his early paintings are abstracts on canvas. Many of his paintings are blue which the dominant colour in his pallet.


He has done six group exhibitions in England, India and USA and two solo exhibitions, one being held in England and the other in India. He is currently selling through Saatchi and Paul Smith Design London.


He has exhibited this year with:


1. Talented Art Fair in London  

2. The Other Art Fair in LA in March 2019 and it was a great success with 12 sales and few   

commissions on its way from LA .

3. Contemporary Art Fair Newbury

4. The Other Art Fair Chicago (May2019)

5. Roots and Rifts at Espacio gallery in Shoreditch, London 


His favourite medium is acrylic on canvas which is his preferred choice of work is mainly abstract on canvasses, but he has had commissions for murals as well as fine art works. He has an uncanny ability to convey the essence of the subject he is painting and works at an extraordinary fast pace. Watching him paint is like watching a matador in a bull fight. He attacks his canvas and steps back to observe, repeating this several times to create a unique, mesmerising piece of art.


By nature Shabs is an intense, compassionate, fun, vibrant and full of life character/artist.


This year he is participating at:


1.The Other Art Fair in Santa Monica, California on 5-8th September 2019

2. Contemporary Art Fair at Windsor (UK) in November.