abstract art limited edition prints and acrylic on canvas kite paintings by shabs beigh

As a kid I loved flying kites. You feel a sense of achievement working against the wind manoeuvrIng the direction height etc. I still fly kites with my kids now, often on the beaches of North West England.

Indian kites are fascinating. The paper they are made of, the bright happy colours. It is an art form in itself- the making of the kites, the design. Yes I have read and seen the kite runner too ha. I am fascinated with the shape form and colours and the feeling that goes with it. Yosuf khan ( Dilip kumar ) a legendary Bollywood actor also loves the sport. I have started a series on kites.


Paul Smith Interior Design London has recently started selling my works and the first few paintings they have chosen are kites. The paintings displayed here are a deconstruction of the kite and abstraction of it.