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Author, Publication, February 16, 2019


In conversation with Shabir Beigh

Shabir Beigh and I met on Instagram. Not like a blind date, more of an answer to our individual questions. 

When I met Shabir in person, the first thing he asked me was had I read a book called “The Secret” by Rhonda Byrne?  If it’s the one where you ask the Universe for help to achieve your goals, then yes, I replied.  

We’re both on a journey to build our futures in the world of art. Shabir as a painter and myself as an art historian and online gallerista. We met in a sunny courtyard in South Manchester and talked over each other for an hour in our enthusiasm to share ideas and opportunities. 

Let me tell you a bit about Shabs. He’s 45, married with two bright kids and lives in Cheshire. Originally from Kashmir, he came to the UK 20-years ago to study at Surrey University for his Master’s Degree in Business. Having worked in the South of England, Shabs moved to the North West to lead business development for a national training provider. Although his heart has always been in his art. 

Shabir Beigh

Shabs has been painting since he was a child. He painted throughout school, which was an Army boarding school in India. This talent and creativity saw Shabs start working life at 19 as a cartoonist for an English language newspaper in India; progressing to having his own cartoon column entitled: “Through the Lens”. But like many of us art lovers, further education and a more commercial career beckoned…until now!

What’s always stuck with Shabs is the reference to him being “the man who paints” whatever his day job has been. So this year Shabs asked the Universe to help him move towards a full-time career as an artist and fortuitously we met. We now aim to collaborate, sharing our passion for art and supporting each other’s endeavors to build our second careers in the art world. 

Shabs’ favourite medium is acrylic on canvas although he also uses charcoal in his drawings. His choice of work is mainly abstract but he is fascinated by nature and animals with his work oscillating between animals and landscapes. Bulls feature heavily in his latest work, with Shabs inspired by memories of playing hide and seek with the bull on the farm he grew up on.  He told me he connects with the testosterone fuelled energy of a bull.

The Rumble for Love

You can see Shab’s work in person both here and the US. He will be exhibiting some of his smaller landscapes at the Contemporary Art Fair in Newbury from 10-12th May and then showing his skill in charcoal drawing at The Other Art Faircurated by Saatchi Art in Chicago from 16th May. 

If you’d like to find out more, arrange a commissioned piece or simply view more of Shabir’s work – get in touch via  You can also connect with Shabir via Facebook and Instagram.

About Shabir Beigh


  • Courtauld Institute of Art, London 
  • Christie’s Education, London 
  • Sotheby’s, London 


  • 1995 – First solo exhibition: ANZ Grindlay, New Delhi, India 
  • 2018 – Second solo exhibition: Delcor Cheshire, England, UK
  • Rifts and roots Espacio Gallery Shoreditch London England (Group Exhibition) 
  • Talented Art Fair 2019 March London England 
  • The Other Art Fair LA March 2019